President of Costa Rica calls for calm in response to increased requests for Nicaraguan refuge

The president of the Republic of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, asked on Monday “tranquility” to the Costa Ricans before the increase in the migratory flow of Nicaraguans due to the political and social crisis that exists in the neighboring nation.

The president said on Monday that this situation “is not out of control” and ruled out that the country will face a situation similar to the one that the country went through in 2015 and 2016 with Cuban-born citizens, who were stuck at that time in Costa Rica in their attempt to reach the United States.

Regarding the increase in refugee, Alvarado said that these are counted around 1000, but that “many of these” are already of people who live in Costa Rica. The new ones said that “they are not a statistically large group”.

He said that the refugee process takes at least a year and that the government has a record in the country of their situation. He added that the government maintains a permanent surveillance on its borders.


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