Nicaragua and Venezuela, the most worrying cases for the UN in human rights

Venezuela remains as one of the cases that most concerns the UN in the area of ​​human rights, while the crisis in Nicaragua has emerged as a new situation that greatly worries the organization, said its chief human rights officer, Zeid. Ra’ad al Hussein

For both countries, the high commissioner called on Monday to create investigative commissions that investigate and gather evidence of possible serious violations of humanitarian law and international norms that protect human rights.

“We firmly believe that the Human Rights Council needs to establish a commission of inquiry” for Venezuela, the Jordanian said in the presentation of his global report which opened today the thirty-eighth session of this forum.

Zeid’s office will publish its second report on human rights in Venezuela in the coming days, which it has prepared in accordance with the information that its experts have gathered from various reliable sources, including testimonies and interviews in bordering countries with Venezuelans who have left the country. country.

On Nicaragua, the high commissioner considered it urgent that an international commission investigates the consequences of the political violence that broke out last April, which has caused at least 178 deaths and caused 1,500 wounded and an unknown number of kidnapped and disappeared.

The crisis in Nicaragua is the most violent since the nineties, so Zeid asked the government of President Daniel Ortega to accept “without delay” the visit of human rights monitors who can make an assessment of the situation.


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