Honduras will assemble and distribute electric cars internationally

With an initial investment of 30 million dollars, the company Green4U will install in Honduras the first assembly plant and distribution of electric cars at the regional level, with exports that are projected to exceed 163 million dollars.

This weekend, the Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernández, met with the president of the company Green4U, Donaldo Eugene Panoz, in the city of Atlanta (Georgia, United States), where he learned about the manufacturing process of these vehicles, which from the first quarter of 2019 they will be assembled in catracha lands.

With the installation of this assembly plant, Honduras is at the forefront of global technology and is located in the export market for these products.

The concretization of this millionaire project is the result of negotiations established through the Honduras 20/20 Employment and Economic Development Program, which is strengthening key sectors of the Honduran economy and attracting investment and generating employment.

The factory will be installed in the department of Cortés, where the manufacture of three types of vehicles is contemplated: compact urban, pickup and truck, which will also be marketed locally and regionally, with expected exports of 163 million dollars.

This type of cars significantly reduces fuel investment costs and is environmentally friendly, bearing in mind that no fuel is required for its operation, which reduces the impact of carbon dioxide.

Based on the calculations established by Green4U, in the mid term the compensation of the original price of a car that works with fuel, compared to an electric vehicle, it will generate a great economic saving and a positive environmental impact, explained the president.

Hernandez said that this is a great employment opportunity for Hondurans and also to take a step further in technical and vocational education in areas that are not yet implemented in the country.


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