Honduras and Mexico review trade issues and seek to boost the existing FTA

The governments of Honduras and Mexico today reviewed the commercial relationship and agreed to facilitate imports and boost government purchases by taking advantage of the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and Central America, the Economy Ministry reported today.

“Today, the Secretary of Economy of Mexico, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, received the Secretary of Economic Development of Honduras, Arnaldo Castillo, with whom he exchanged views of the state that keeps the bilateral commercial relationship,” said the ministry in a newsletter.

According to the statement, the senior officials discussed the procedures that should be followed to facilitate the import of shrimp from Honduras to Mexico.

“Both secretaries agreed to take advantage of the advantages offered by the FTA, in order to achieve greater integration between Mexico and Honduras, as well as with the other member countries of the treaty,” the text added.

Finally, the secretaries addressed other platforms in which Mexico and Honduras can work together, such as the Pacific Alliance.

The  FTA was signed by Mexico and the Central American countries in November 2011 and entered into force in 2013, and unifies the FTAs ​​that Mexico had with Costa Rica since 1995, with Nicaragua since 1998 and with the CA-3 group (Honduras, Salvador and Guatemala) since 2001


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