Eurofins Scientific inaugurated operation in Costa Rica

The transnational Eurofins Scientific inaugurated its new technology center in Costa Rica on Wednesday and plans to hire more than 50 Costa Ricans with knowledge in information technology, IT infrastructure, data centers and IT operations, as well as application development, computer architecture , design and support.

The company chose Costa Rica to open its new information technology services center due to the reputation that the country has developed in terms of education, availability of talent, as well as a conglomerate of services consolidated and backed by large companies.

“We are very excited to announce the start of our operations here in Costa Rica. I am confident that our business will grow thanks to the country conditions, the skills of its human talent and the business climate. We hope to consolidate our service operation and reiterate our joy that Costa Rica is now part of our global service strategy, “said Stefan Heiden, Global Head of Infrastructure and Technology Operations at Eurofins.

For his part, the interim Foreign Trade Minister, Duayner Salas, assured that the technology center that was inaugurated today is a great contribution for the Costa Rican economy, specifically for the services sector; which started with 6 companies in the year 2000 and today includes more than 157 highly diversified operations.


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