Cafico and Ecofiltros Honduras donate water filters to the community of Corquín Copan

The Cafés Finos Corquín Project, CAFICO, in partnership with Ecofiltro Honduras, is helping coffee producers, different schools and Health Centers, through the Ecofiltro School Program by donating water filters so that they can drink 100% clean water free of microbes

The places and persons benefited by the program will now have filters that allow them to purify water, without any cost and in an easy way, also with these devices coffee producers, schools and health centers will not need to buy bottled water which represents a saving in their pocket.

Tests guarantee that the water filters provide clean water ,100% free of fecal matter and bacteria

Doctors, students and coffee growers thanked both companies for the important donation, which will benefit and simplify their lives with the water filters.

CAFICO It is a company committed to the social and environmental part within the municipality of Corquín, Copán; while Ecofiltro aims to purify water effectively, ecologically and at low cost.


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