Bishops of Central America express support for the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua

The bishops of Central America today expressed their “total support and solidarity” to the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua for the difficult situation they are experiencing as a result of the political and social crisis that has left at least 154 dead in that country.

“We express to the Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference our total support and solidarity in this painful moment they are living. Together with you we share the pain and suffering of the people of Nicaragua, “the Presidency Council of the Episcopal Secretariat of Central America said in a statement.

The Council was made up of the presiding bishops of the episcopal conferences of Central America, who met yesterday in San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras, the statement said.

“We support their mission as mediators in the conflict (lived in Nicaragua), in the search for peace, the common good and participatory democracy,” said the Central American bishops.

In addition, they recognized the “courage and strength in defense of the people”, on the part of the representatives of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua.

“They are not alone, they count on prayers, solidarity and the company of their brothers in the Episcopate of Central America and of our particular churches,” underlines the declaration signed by bishops from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama.


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